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Site Statistics

posted 30 Sep 2010, 01:42 by Chris Hancock   [ updated 9 Oct 2010, 11:10 ]

Since the website went live on April 19th 2010, it has had over 1000 visits from 350 different visitors (although some of these visitors could be the same person on two different computers).

Of those 1000 visits, about 750 came from Google searches (of which 150 were via Google Maps).  Other main sources were the links on the Sedgefield page in Wikipedia and the Cleveland League Tennis website.

For those who searched from Google Search and clicked through to the website, the majority of searches involved the word "Sedgefield" (e.g. "Sedgefield Tennis Club", "Tennis Courts Sedgefield", etc.).  Others came from searches such as "Cleveland Tennis League", "Tennis Clubs Durham", "Darlington Tennis Club".

For those who searched from Google Maps and clicked through to the website, the searches were less specific: "Tennis", "Tennis Club", "Tennis Courts", "Tennis Lessons".  For a search with "Tennis Club" to feature our site, the map would need to be zoomed in on the North of England (e.g. Newcastle in the North to York in the South).

The Home Page was - not surprisingly - the most-visited.  After that, the most-popular pages were "When You Can Play", "Coaching", "Join The Club", "Where We Play" and "Picture Gallery".